"Deer Shed Dog Training"

I have an easy training method to teach your dog to find deer shed antlers.  Think about it, no gun to carry, no license to buy and open season all year long.  If you don't own a dog, get one from the pound or look for a free one.  That's what I do, and they train out as good as any expensive breed.

I will send you my step by step instruction on how to train your dog to use his keen nose, eyes and strong endurance to find deer sheds and bring them to you.  Sheds under snow, leaves, grass or brush makes no difference.  Your dog will scent them and get them.  Even twenty men stand little chance against one dog trained to find shed antlers.  A man can depend only on his eyes.

Fifty years of working with dogs and this shed hunt method is definitely the best procedure I have used.  Scores of dog owners and shed hunters have asked how I train a shed dog and I have told no one.  But now  I am ready to give you my full training procedure.

You may ask, "how long does it take to train a shed dog"?  The dog's shown here are Duke, a Shepherd/Rottweiler mix and Happy, a Lab and Golden Retriever mix.  Duke started training at four months and was fully trained at seven months old.  Pups take a little longer.  Happy was started at one year old and in a mere six weeks was graduated.  Happy is a "Hall of Fame Shed Dog."

Using my specialty method, your dog should train just as fast.  So if you want my complete detailed instructions to train your dog to be a shed hunting machine, all this for only $16.95. 

Email us at: customerservice@everythingsheddog.com

P.S.    I am happy to report that this site has been on the Internet for five years, and we have not had a single complaint regarding our training program.  We have had 100% positive feedback from our customers!

All this for Only $16.95

If you have questions not answered here Send your request on the request information page and I will get back to you.

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